QADRI GROUP supplied 50″ x 100″ 4-Roll Mills to Ingenio Providencia (IPSA) in Colombia

Ingenio Providencia (IPSA) is one of Colombia’s top industrial companies that manufactures products and services related to the sugar cane industry. Having founded in 1926, the company is almost a 100 years old.
Keeping up its promise to manufacturing and supplying world class products and equipment for the sugar manufacturing industry, Qadri Group recently developed and supplied Fives Fletcher Design 50″ x 100″ 4-Roll Mills to Ingenio Providencia.

This roll mill has a crushing capacity up to 25,000 TCD while also having high extraction efficiency and high capacity. The large bearing journals enable it to bear heavy loads. The mill is easily convertible from a 4-roll mill to a 6-roll one. The under feed roll is directly engaged with feed roll and all of the mill rolls are easily convertible to perforated type to maximize juice drainage.

The roll mill is the epitome of ultimate cane juice extraction machinery and has been manufactured using proven state of the art technology. The design of the mill is based on continuous improvement based on bicentennial and global expertise of the sugar industry and the robustness and longevity of the steel frames is ensured by the FEA.
The mill has been tailor-made based on the manufacturing needs of Ingenio Providencia and has been supplied with a complete flexible offer including a wide range of technical & design services to optimize mill according to the customer’s needs.