Know the Qadri Story

The Qadri Story

Our saga spans over a 100 years with the story of four generations of foundry-men and engineers and the trials and tribulations of our early years. Our humble beginnings can be traced back to the early 1890s when Muhammad Bukhsh put his two little boys, Hussain and Karim to apprenticeship at a tiny cast iron crucible-melting shop.
Around 1905, our founding fathers Hussain Bukhsh and Karim Bukhsh set up a small cast iron foundry wayside Lahore’s Branderth Road which their “murshid” named, Qadri Foundry. From that point on, the family started to be known as Qadri.


Our illustrious story began more than 100 years ago when Mr. Muhammad Buksh put his two little boys Hussain and Karim to an apprenticeship at a tiny cast iron crucible-melting shop.


After having learned the tools of the trade, the group’s founding fathers, Hussain Buksh and Karim Buksh set up a small cast iron foundry wayside Lahore’s Brandreth Road in 1905. They named it Qadri Foundry after their “murshid” and from there the family began to be known as Qadri.


But soon after that, the winds of revolution in the Indian subcontinent brought a lot of trials and tribulations for all. The two brothers pitted against heavy odds and toiled tirelessly through the twilight of the British Raj. With children sleeping hungry most nights, this was the time where the family’s resilience reached new heights.


With the freedom of Pakistan in 1947 came a period of great opportunity for the business with the two brothers having now come of age. With a rejuvenated zeal, the business saw an unprecedented period of expansion and growth with the setup of new metallurgical foundries in the industrial hubs of Karachi and Lahore.


After that, the growth ceased to slow down and with the dedication of almost 4 generations and the commitment of our team, today the company stands as a global name in the plant and equipment manufacturing industry.