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Products and Spares for the general manufacturing industry

Apart from supplying state of the art products, equipment and spares for the sugar and cement sectors, Qadri Group also caters to the engineering needs of the general manufacturing industry. With our manufacturing experience and engineering expertise we provide the chemical, textile and power sectors with top quality products and spares to enhance their operational efficiencies and reduce their overhead costs. By constantly striving for customer satisfaction and excellence in quality, we have gradually built our repute as one of the most trusted suppliers of manufacturing equipment and spares.

Services We Offer to the General Industry

We have built our name and reputation as a global supplier for industrial manufacturing equipment, products and services for a wide variety of industries. We not only cater to the machinery needs of our clients but also assist them through consultancy, trainings and successful case studies.

Products and Spares

We manufacture and supply products and spares for a number of different manufacturing segments using state of the art technology and our strategic technological partnerships with global manufacturers.


With our knowledge of the manufacturing and the engineering industry, we are able to help our clients identify critical issues and realize opportunities that ensure growth.

Case Studies

Using our experience, knowledge and key insights from successful projects in the past, we can guarantee success by applying valuable findings from similar projects.

Customers and Partners around Pakistan

Throughout our years of service, we have established technical partnerships and clientele with some big names in Pakistan cement manufacturing industry. These partnerships are crucial to guarantee that our clients get the best possible service.


General Industries

Feed Screw and Throat Cone

Feed Screw and Throat Cone is used in paper industry and it is used in rough environment. Feed Screw is built for dewatering of pulp suspensions from inlet consistencies of 3-12% to outlet consistencies up to 30% and even higher. Qadbros Engineering Developed Feed Screw and Throat Cone for different paper industries in Pakistan

General Industries

Ring for Limestone Crusher

Manganese steel rings for crushing of limestone made by QadBros Engineering for Fatima Fertilizer. Imported Rings from china were used for crushing, which have a life of 300,000 tons of crushing. QadBros provided limestone rings are producing 220,000 tons which are very successful results.

General Industries


Ingots are very common base material for any foundry. Qadbros Engineering have enough capacity to maintain a stock of ingots so on demand it can be supplied to any customer to address their urgency. KSB pumps Pakistan is the larger consumer of Ingots.

General Industries

Coal Crushing Plates

NCPL is Group Company of NISHAT CHUNIA GROUP. For the first time in its history, NCPL put their faith in local market (in QADBROS) to develop their wear parts. And by the grace of God Almighty QADBROS have delivered one complete set of COAL CRUSHING PLATES to NCPL. Upon satisfactory feedback from end user, NCPL have signed a 2 year contract with QADBROS.

General Industries

Refurbishment of Mangla Dam

Refurbishment job was awarded to QADBROS, by General Electric Hydro for its project of Mangla Dam. Scope was to Machine different parts of water turbine (namely Inner head cover, outer head cover and guide bearing of turbine). Project was won on single quotation based as there was no other competitor with the capacity of such large machine.

Rehabilitation of Guddu Barrage

Qadbros Engineering have won the project of castings of spares needed in Rehabilitation of Guddu Barrage. Castable Spares of whole Irrigation Hoisting system is awarded to Qadbros Engineering. This is first time in Pakistan that irrigation department is buying locally, and that too from Qadbros Engineering.

General Industries

Blow Bars

Blow Bars or Beaters are used in mining industry to crush the raw material. By employing the external refining technology, effectively reduced the harmful elements, impurity, oxygen and hydrogen harm, greatly enhanced the abrasion resistance and impact toughness of the steel. By the Grace of Allah Almighty, Qadbros Engineering is now exporting these parts to Middle East countries where there is huge demand and consumption of such wear parts.

MechProTech, South Africa

MechProTech is leading designer and supplier of mineral process equipment. Qadbros with its partner SONKOR have won the project of 2 girth gear for grater machine. These two gigantic gears have only been made by Qadbros Engineering in Pakistan.