Our Group Companies

Group Companies

Qadcast (Pvt) Ltd.

Our Heavy Iron Foundry has an annual production capacity of 9000 tons of medium & heavy alloy cast iron and non-ferrous castings with maximum single-pour 50,000 kgs. Melting equipment includes large capacity coke-fired cupola furnaces as well as medium frequency electric induction furnaces to produce material grades including a wide range of alloy cast irons, SG iron, wear-resistant steel, bronze, and stainless steels.


Qadri Brothers (Pvt) Ltd.

This is the group’s oldest steel foundry which annually produces over 5000 tons of castings with maximum single-pour 30,000 kgs. Melting equipment includes medium and mains frequency electric induction furnaces to produce a wide range of material grades including carbon steels, alloy steels, SG iron, and stainless steels.

Qadri Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.

This heavy mechanical works facility is similar but much larger in operation and production capacity than the sister-company Qadbros Engineering.
The company’s shop-floors are equipped with an array of medium and large machine tools that have the capacity to handle single work-pieces weighing up to 100 tons.
Like all other companies under the Qadri Group umbrella, this company has 1 MW captive backup power installed to ensure uninterrupted operations.


Qadbros Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.

Qadbros Engineering is a heavy mechanical works facility which, combined with those of the sister-company Qadri Engineering, make it Pakistan’s largest heavy machining facility and one of the region’s largest facility of heavy plant & equipment manufacturing.
The company has a wide customer base within industrial sectors including sugar, cement, steel, energy, fertilizer and other manufacturing sectors. The company also leads Qadri Group in its interface with global partners and global clientele.

Qadri Foundry (Pvt) Ltd.

Our jobbing-type foundry is located in the port-city of Karachi, further away than all other units. It caters to the needs of our Karachi-based customers for small & medium cast iron and non-ferrous castings produced with a maximum single-pour 2,500 kgs.
Our entire foundry works use state of the art and globally renowned casting simulation software called MAGMASOFT



Kashif Tradehouse is another company owned by the group which is engaged in the import of raw materials, intermediate materials and alloying metals required by Qadri Group’s manufacturing units as well as by the foundry and engineering industry at large.


This conventional facility uses free-forge technology to produce forgings weighing up to maximum work-piece weight 3,000 kgs.