OMEGA Continues Sand Mixer

OMEGA is the pioneer in the Continuous Sand Mixing Machines making . In early 1960s MOLASSES and SILICATES were used but in 1970s FURAN RESIN BONDED SAND had started to become popular fomould production in foundries due to its flexibility and speed of curing .Accordingly ,OMEGA has also modernized & customized its technology.

The main function of any continuous mixer is to mix sand with a resin and either a catalyst or a hardener (depending on the process used ). This task must be completed within 3 to 5 seconds and must be carried out with almost zero wastage and full control of the additives.

Now a days ,continuous sand mixer is an essential equipment of an efficient foundry. We have the Largest size OMEGA-make continuous sand mixer in our steel foundry having capacity to provide 25 and 100 tones per hour mixed sand.